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Quality Assurance

The high quality standard and capability of SPECTO in quality system, service response time, accuracy and good craftsmanship is covered by several recognized Aerospace Approvals and Certifications:

SPECTO is an EASA and FAA Part-145 approved Aircraft Component Maintenance Organisation having several C-ratings and is AS9100-Rev.C certified for manufacturing. The AS9100 certification includes ISO9001:2008 and AQAP2120 Ed3:2009.
The Scope of Work and Capability of SPECTO covers an extensive range of composite repairs of structural aircraft components and manufacturing of composite parts for technology systems. SPECTO is able to release its composite repairs to aircraft components and aircraft fuselage repairs with an EASA/FAA Dual Release certificate.

Based on years of high safety and quality scores, SPECTO has a preferential status with the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities which is laid down in a covenant.

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Certificates & Approvals



EASA/Part-145 Approval


AS9100 Rev. C Certificate


ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
AQAP 2120 Ed3:2009


14 CFR Part-145 FAA Certificate


CAR 573 Approval – reference number: 815-02



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